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Some may argue the numbers, but, we feel great design is 80% knowledge, 10 % inspiration and 10% emotion. If you think that it should be 100% knowledge, then you have been sitting in front of your computer screen for too long.

Steve Jobs was quoted as saying, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Well, don’t strike us down, but we have to disagree with Mr. Jobs. Design cannot survive without this triple play, what it looks like, feels like and how it works. In fact, the principals at Factory Design Worx Inc. have been marrying these three tenets in our design projects for over 35 years. Within any one of our firm’s specialties, retail, corporate office, spa, showrooms,condominium, residential or hospitality, our strategy has been to deliver inspired, unexpected and sustainable solutions to our Clients.

At Factory Design Worx we believe that designers are not simply designing for themselves. They are designing for people. From creating environments for the customer anxiously awaiting the opening of the new retail shop in town, to the group of friends drinking a toast at the newly redesigned local bar, design influences all our lives. Add in the skill set of applied budget analysis, construction practises, timelines and co-ordination to Factory Design Worx’s fundamentals, and we can say that it has been an honour to realize the completion of many successful projects throughout Canada, USA and the Caribbean.

And as we also say……..when in doubt, add colour!


Consumer Goods, Restaurants, Universities, Condos, Homes, Showrooms, Stores.

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