Designfarm inc.

Retirement Home - Forest Hill Place

Corporate Office - Quillsoft

Custom Home - Coyote Ridge

Long Term Care Home - Albright Manor


Designfarm cultivates the well-being of spaces - and with it, the well-being of the people and businesses that inhabit them.

We create environments where it's natural to live and work. Spaces that function intuitively and nurture the senses. Spaces where people want to be.

We are recognized for design solutions that meet the unique challenges of our time -

Retirement Homes and long term care facilities that re-imagine senior living.

Medical Offices, clinics, hospices and shelters that promote health and wellness.

Corporate head offices, showrooms and retail spaces that re-define how people work.

And custom homes, lofts, condos that reflect the individuality of their inhabitants.

Drawing on over 30 years of experience and hundreds of projects, Designfarm inc. offers a blend of practical insight, creative instinct and flawless execution.


Consumer Goods, Financial Services, Institutional / Government, Professional Services (Law, Accounting, Consulting), Real Estate / Development, Technology, Hospitals, Long-term Care Facilities, Medical / Dental Facilities, Retirement Homes, Spas, Restaurants, Galleries, Libraries, Museums, Chalets, Condos, Cottages, Homes, Exhibit Designs, Model Suites, Showrooms, Stores.

2100 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON
M6S 5A5



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