Terms and Conditions

This Directory lists company and corporate Members of Interior Designers of Canada (“IDC”). The purpose of this Directory is to help you find an interior designer in Canada.

Terms of Use

The following terms of use apply to the use of this Directory:

  • This Directory is a complimentary service to help you connect with interior designers. 
  • Not every company or corporate Member of IDC is listed in this Directory. This Directory is not exhaustive. 
  • The fact that a Member is listed in the Directory is not confirmation that the Member is in good standing in the province where they do business.  IDC encourages all users to verify the current registration status of an interior designer before hiring that interior designer.
  • IDC encourages all users to verify the credentials and experience of the interior designers they hire. 
  • IDC is not responsible for any business or professional relationship between you and any interior designer you might hire through the use of this Directory.
  • This Directory and its contents are the property of IDC. IDC has copyrighted its contents. The Directory is not to be used for any purpose other than enabling members of the public to find an appropriate interior designer. The Directory and its contents may not be copied, redistributed or altered in any manner.

Note to Commercial Users

  • This Directory and its contents are not to be used for commercial or solicitation purposes, including the marketing of products or services to those IDC Members who are listed in this Directory.

We would welcome your feedback about this Directory. Please contact IDC at info@idcanada.org.

If you have any questions about this Directory or if would like to locate a Member not listed in this Directory, please contact IDC directly at info@idcanada.org