Working with an interior designer

While interior designers provide a specific scope of services, they may act as prime consultant and project manager for the client. They are trained and experienced at retaining and working with a number of other consultants or suppliers who may be required to complete the project.

A professional interior designer will explain the design process, their work schedule and billing structure and will ask you in-depth questions about your needs. IDC recommends you take the time to interview a selection of interior designers to find someone who will meet your needs and fit with your personality.

Use the following criteria to compare candidates:

  • Experience in successfully providing similar services
  • Overall history and reputation
  • Management experience and skills
  • Familiarity with relevant local aspects - geography, culture, facilities and professional consultants
  • Project methodology
  • Technical competence
  • Unique value-added qualities such as creativity and innovation
  • Commitment to the client's interests
  • Quality of references
Before hiring an interior designer, you must feel comfortable with their approach to design. IDC also recommends the use of a contract agreement when entering a working relationship. 
On commercial projects, a Request for Proposal (RFP) can be a great way for a business or facility manager to find the right interior designer for the job. An RFP describes the project, identifies the project needs and lists the scope of services required. Once distributed to a number of potential design firms, your RFP outlines the format for their response.